Just the other day I was looking at the possibility of purchasing a new vehicle. After talking to salespeople at five different automotive dealerships and taking one test ride, I was shocked. I was http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photos-be-different-image2297578shocked at how quickly each one of the sales
consultants defaulted to price during our discussion.

Afterwards I checked with the Kelly Blue Book vehicle pricing averages for the model I wanted, and each of them was in the range of medium to high. But quite frankly, after trying to assess which one to consider, not one of the sales consultant’s and their dealership stood out as having any differential advantage. No one had any kind of a distinguishing value that made them more desirable for me to want to do business with them.

Don’t let this happen in your small business. To read more on this click this link 


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