It has been said that “the eyes are the windows to the soul.” There is a lot of truth to that statement. In the field of Iridology, which is the science of using the human eye as a portal to the body, an eyes man Pixabay freeiridologist can diagnose various present and future illnesses by studying the traces these illnesses leave on the pupil of the eyes.

When it comes to connecting with your customers, the eyes are the most important part of the process. By making solid and sincere eye contact with your customer, when you are face to face with them, you are creating the opportunity to bond with that individual in a personable and professional manner.

Here is a technique that will allow you to do this properly every time. When interacting with the customer, pick one of their two eyes to look at. This allows you to focus your eye contact rather than darting your eyes back and forth between their two eyes. Like anything that can be overdone, your direct eye contact for too long can become uncomfortable for the customer. Too avoid this predicament, gaze directly into the person’s eye long enough to be able to identify the eye color, which is approximately 2-3 seconds, then glance away for a few moments and then come back again and make direct eye contact.

Another suggestion is, when you look at the customer, do so with “smiling eyes”. What I mean by that is when you add a smile from your mouth, your eyes will crinkle just a bit, and your body language from your face will add to the impact of your interaction.

As the great English essayist, Charles Lamb once said, “Damn it, I like to be liked!” By using your eyes and smiling, you can communicate your positive acceptance of your customers and connect with them on a regular basis.

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