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How Can Office Space Affect Employee’ Productivity

Many of you have been stuck in your desks for hours figuring out the best office space for your team, its layout, and design. You’ve even made sketches (although your peers couldn’t understand your elaborated artwork), and suffered from several heart attacks once you added all of

How to Deal with Trouble in Your Small Business

Have you ever found your self thinking these words when something unexpected happened to you in your business? “Oh, oh, here comes trouble?”  It is not hard to see all the grief and hardship that surrounds us in the world today. Hard copy and online magazines and

Why Some Small Business Meetings Fail

Every company has meetings. Whether they be conducted in a meeting room, a hallway or in the form of a teleconference or videoconference, they usually happen on a regular basis. Some of the things that a business leader or department head can do that will minimize the

Stop Copying the Competition and Set the Pace for Real Small Business Customer Service

I was driving down the main street where I live and noticed a car coming in the opposite direction with four brand new tires. How could I tell they were new? It was easy. I could see the white stickers revolving on the bottom of them as

Customer Service Quality and Van Halen

Listen into Shep Hyken as he shares how Van Halen used M&Ms to test his hired road crews.

6 Reasons Why Companies Are Doing Background Checks

By Michael Klazema According to IBISWorld, the background check industry is a two billion dollar a year juggernaut, and grows 2.2% annually. The Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) reports that 85% of “large companies,” as well as a growing subset of smaller businesses and start-ups, perform

Why Some of Your Best People Are Going to Leave Your Company

When it comes to leading your team and getting the kind of results that positively affect your bottom line, being a transformational leader is critical. Two of the forms of leadership many business owners and managers use are: Transactional Leader –focuses on tasks Transformational – focuses on

4 Stupid Things Employees Say to Their Customers

Day in and day out, employees say some stupid things that should get them fired. Especially, in today’s economy, one would think that it would be best to be flexible with customers’ requests and to go the extra mile to satisfy their needs and wants. But alas,

Overseas Market Entry: What You Need to Know

Expanding abroad could be the decisive step in your business’ journey towards its full potential – but it also requires planning, preparation and careful execution. In particular, a business undergoing international expansion must work to ensure that the process of market entry is undertaken with the maximum

How Easily It Is To Miscommunicate

There was a young man driving his car home on the expressway one evening, when he heard a loud bang and felt his left rear tire blow out. He pulled the car over on the shoulder of the expressway. Once he got out of the car, he