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Overseas Market Entry: What You Need to Know

Expanding abroad could be the decisive step in your business’ journey towards its full potential – but it also requires planning, preparation and careful execution. In particular, a business undergoing international expansion must work to ensure that the process of market entry is undertaken with the maximum

How Easily It Is To Miscommunicate

There was a young man driving his car home on the expressway one evening, when he heard a loud bang and felt his left rear tire blow out. He pulled the car over on the shoulder of the expressway. Once he got out of the car, he

8 Tips for Hiring the Right Employees for Your Business

by Michael Klazema Hiring the perfect employee isn’t rocket science, but it can sure seem like it sometimes. Whether you’ve spent hours in the interview room without finding any compelling candidates, or filled the same position three times in the space of a year, you know that the

How Being Distinctly Different Can Increase the Sales of Your Small Business

Just the other day I was looking at the possibility of purchasing a new vehicle. After talking to salespeople at five different automotive dealerships and taking one test ride, I was shocked. I was shocked at how quickly each one of the sales consultants defaulted to price

How to Give a Good First Impression

Let’s talk about your company’s first impressions. Even if you think your company does a pretty good job managing this all important step, you’ve probably not given it all the attention it deserves. In this article let’s look at just one aspect of this process, the way

Could Part-Paying in Goods be the Next Coworking Trend?

When you think of marshmallows, visions of a crackling campfire or a synthetically delicious packet of Wagon Wheel cookies may come to mind. What’s less likely to pop into your head? Marshmallows as rent payment. Despite the improbability of this scenario, London startup Mallow & Marsh are

5 Steps to Acquiring New Customers for Your Small Business

Here are 5 steps every small business needs to take its’ customers through to make them loyal clients. 1. Create a feeling. This is where a person feels a certain way about your business. When trust goes up tension goes down. When tension goes up trust goes

Beware of the Chicken Little Club Members in Small Business

Do you know people that just love to talk about everything that is wrong with the world? It seems they are almost in every business or organization. It appears that these pessimists find delight in the human foibles that abound. They seem to get a feeling of

Grow Your Business Conference

Join me as I present at one of the sessions for this business building conference.

How to Improve Your Communication Skills by Listening

“You are not listening to me!”Have you ever heard this statement made to you in what you thought was a good conversation? Chances are if you are like most people, you have. Why? What happens to bring about this kind of a reaction? There are some common