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Customer Profitability Expert

I can help your business:

  • Build stronger repeat business and customer loyalty.
  • Build a more profitable client base.

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Grow your company by working with Tom Borg by using his consulting and coaching services in the areas that are critical to helping your business gain and retain customers.

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How would you like to have personalized one-on-one access to a business expert five days a week? 

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Training and Development Programs Let our team design, customize and deliver a specific training and development program for your organization. 

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Have Tom conduct a keynote presentation that makes a powerful impact on the members of your company, association or organization. 

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Let our team design, customize and deliver a specific training and development program for your organization.

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Strategic Planning

Develop the right kind of mindset that will take you and your team to the next level of consistently profitable and smooth running business.

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About Tom Borg

Tom Borg is founder and president of Tom Borg Consulting, LLC. He is customer profitability expert. Through his consulting, mentoring and strategic work sessions he assists small business owners with profitably gaining and retaining customers.

His work background includes being a recreation director, senior citizens coordinator and building administrator for local government. His responsibilities included hiring, firing, training, presenting,facilitating and disciplining his staff.

Later he was hired by Dale Carnegie & Associates as an independent contractor where he served in the position of area manager, straight commission sales person, and a certified multi- course instructor.

Since 1990 he has been a business consultant, mentor, trainer and author with his own company.

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